ILL​-​Vain feature ApeX - Damn Shame ft ApeX

from by Ill-Vain, Cory Johnson

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(ILL-Vain)Damn shame you could never witness/
Ya boy's plight turned flight/ off to new beginnings/
I had my head down often back when you were living/
Bc that chemical imbalance gave me skewered visions/
Now i see the power in me you mythologized/
I wrote you off cause i was lost and I apologize/
I got crew world wide/ lady by my side/
And the place I reside/ land of Sun Rise/
I know it sounds odd but i waved them waves bye/
Along with the faith/ replaced with good vibes/
But i still listen to my inner intuitions/
Invokin you when im facing tough decisions/
I channel you when right and wrong identical/
Storm clouds pour moonlight or when I need a mircale/
I just keep mind who i look like in mirror/you/
Damn shame youll never see what I was geared to do/

Got a lady with ethereal smiles… damn shame you won't be around/
Every demon from the past be inferior now/ damn shame you won't be around/
my clinical depression far behind by miles/
Living in japan aint so mystical now/
Still cynical as fuck but the usual clown/

I feel like I'm stubborn as ever/
And Imma be that way if its for worst or for better/
For years I kept a smile hopin to keep it together/
But all that fake emotion did was keep me tethered/
To the ground and on a chain ain't no way that a bird should live/
So imma spread my wings feel like I'm leaving the earth again/
And I don't mean it like how I used to get high/
More like how you would throw me up and tell me reach for the sky/
Mama told you not to drop me you ain't do that shit once/
All your consistence i was given, now im livin it up/
Remember in the hospital when you didnt get up/
The time you found me in my dreams and told me never give up/
so I didn't and now I'm feelin' like nothin can sweat me/
And if I doubt it I remember the words that you left me/
So in truth I keep it poppin' confessions confetti/
And even though you went to heaven you'll never forget me/

I'm still kneeling at the thrown when I'm back in town/
(damn shame you ain't been around)
Ya grandson becomin' a genius you can see that now/
(damn shame you ain't been around)
They tell me I'm like you every day and I don't believe it/
but when them emotions is steamin' yo I swear I can see it/
So when they ask you who the king is I'm gon show 'em the crown/
(Damn Shame you ain't been around)


from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Written and performed by ILL-Vain and ApeX




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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