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But seriously fuck white supremacy.

Song Art by Victoria Gomez


it started off a whisper, turned into a holler
I held it in at ease but my grip began to falter/
Gnawing on the innards of my center unbothered/
I tried to pray to god but it led me from the alter/
I cried about the fury and the strife/
But the world brushed it off as another part of life/
The demon inside was with me through the plight/
I trust it/ I relaxed and let em have another bite/ fuck it/
Plus it/ promised me incredible strength/ motivated me to basically stay on the defense/
All approaching objects/ be targets/
Claiming friendship will leave you dead and discarded/
And I don`t give a fuck about a brother or an ally/
All of yall the same if you ain`t cutting through this barbwire/
Keepin me contained/ trapped to this behemoth/
Whose misanthropic views I am starting to agree with/

It’s a mother fuckin wonder why I never thought to plunder back/
Monster in me bigger now plottin on our next attack/
I don`t give a fuck what you label me or see me as/
All of ya hatred's become an aphrodisiac/
Deem me as "defiant"/ a "demon on a ragin` path"/
We all know you`ve always had an ache to blast/
Free at last aint a phrase that i stated/
After being weak, docile and sedated/
Played with fire /Made ya bed
You still don`t get where the chaos bred from/
Bread crumbs… leading right back to yall/
The sole reason ya empire`s bout to fall
Cause the back that you built it all on/
bout to stand the fuck up with its sword all drawn/
No yawn cause the monster don`t sleep/
The power`s gohan but the mind Johan/


from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Lyrics written and performed by ILL-Vain
Sample: "Monster" opening song by Kuniaki Haishima




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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