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Song Art by Anesha Grant


(ILL-Vain)From now on I'm rejectin all of your shit/
Long overdue--never once adored it/
Yeah I'm bout to focus on my own/
If it ain't about US imma leave that shit alone/
Fuck yo films and fuck yo songs/
Petty ass me like ALL YEAR LONG/
I'm just tryna be free like Andy Dufrense/
But when I get out, Imma be so clean/
Be so wise. That kid's so mean/
But when its all done imma be yo king/
Man fuck yo king--imma be yo god/
and swear to myself imma beat all odds/
Break these bars up in my dome/
Crush this world and build my own/
Beat your best then beat the rest/
...I'm just tryna be me af/
I'm just tryna be myself/
Ripped yo script and built my dream/
Fuck yo football/basketball team/
bible thumpin' nothin not shit 'round me/
Coconut Oil Scented pick 'round me/
Imma tell you what NOBODY told me/
I rule everything that I see/
I rule everything that I see/
I rule everything that I see/
I rule everything that I see/
I rule everything that I see/
Pretty chill dude/
Cynical world view/
And the world gon' rue/
the shit that they did to me/
I be the antithesis of all entities/
tryna shame me for the power I bring with me/

From now on I believe in all the fake shit/
gained sight to the code in the matrix/
Yeah--I got new world view/
and the mirror seein' more than the victim of a slave ship/
I see beyond a face of a man/
I'm amazed cause I'm lookin at the god within/
I arrived at the point where my hips not joint/
to the world so I don't identify with being atheist/
Yeah--and that's settin' me free/
cause not believing in god's/
Not believing in me/
I gotta...new grind/
Lettin' light shine/ from the heart/
so I never take the mark of the beast/
And I'll...Never take another L/
Even though the world tellin' me I'm gonna fail/
Well, its all good cause I love self/
And to be honest with ya/
There ain't really nothin' else/
I guess I'm feelin the vibe feelin the vibe/
vibratin' high as fuck/ cause I follow up/
with each rhyme/
these are the times/
look at the Signs/
No M. Night Shymalan/
Cause this plot goin' down light a cannon ball/
And each line got the whole world fannin' off/
Cause it's hot like sand on Panama/
Beach/, cause I just reach/
Through every obstacle--searchin' for peace/
Follow my lead/ by being yourself/
cause I couldn't be them/
I could only be me/ (yeah, yeah)/
AF/ Way left/
Like the hand on my heart in my chest/
I take this vow to renew this pledge/
and submit to become/
God in the flesh/ Oh yes, yes/


Tea tree in my afro/
Green tea in my glass tho/
That's Japanese in my raps, yo/
Gundam Seed on my hard drive/
Marvin Gaye when I part thighs/
So that's freakmode at midnight/
and anime by "Sunrise"/
I used to be a self-hatin' negro/
hyper criticism of my people/
but I left the old me in a deep Hole/
and the new me is piloting the Big O/
And I'm stepping on my captors/
castin' black magic/
Save spot, slay boss--back to problack shit/
SS Melanin quick, No practice/
Me AF get ki blasted/
Wow/ oh shit oh man/
Young black boy got a grip. God damn!/
Wasn't 'posed to take shit but commands/
And they 'bout to take it all. Take that. No hands/
Take that take that/ P.Diddy wit it/
green herb in the back/
Feel a philly with it/
Blow it out too loud so the city feel it/
Now I'm floatin' in the clouds--won't land/
Gave up on the life of the havenots/
But ain't gotta sell dope by the crack spot/
Yeah, I found the key to the padlock/
and gained self worth without actin' like a mascot/
Black God that's me. Dread loc hat free/
Flyin' through the city like a ghost/
headed to the top/ from the bottom/
and I'd never thought I'd find em/
So gon' give that young man a toast/ Go.


from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Written by ILL-Vain & J-Bush
Sample: "I am the evil in your heart" -Cory Johnson (Earthbound)




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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