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Song Art by Victoria Gomez.


Born to fight, piloting a mech like Evagelion/
Woke up in the body of a young black American/
Dissonance Between the World and Me like Ta-Nehisi/
Innocence ain't my priority so yall can eat me/
Arrogance is what they call me when my head ain't low enough/
Humble's what they call me when I tell the world I 've given up/
I'm hearing whispers that this life is cruel and evanescent/
But the oppression be the fuel to my incandescence/
Call it paranoia but I think its Kafka-esque/
how the worst fate targets who we call the best/
The Universe is biased and it tortures who I deem a threat/
When it comes to me, I ain't whimpering--I BEAT MY CHEST!/
...ILL-Vain kill 'em with the common sense/
Still can't penetrate my obstinance/
Broke, deliverying opulence/
Stoked they still ain't boxed me in/
Ya'll know I go straight savage/
Algernon my way through the labyrinth/
Although we already know that there ain't no goal--we just live for the action/
No sweat/ just a whole lotta laughin'/
Some stress but a whole lot passion/
Don't fret about the views of the factions/
Just worry bout you and ya path son/
Mada fact I dribble off track some/
Dabble in a little this and that some/
Cause we swimmin' in an endless vacuum/
And I know they'll call me back soon/
So I ain't lookin for absolute truth/
a ghost in the sky or a mountain of loot/
a place to call home or a fountain of youth/
I look in the mirror--I'm waitin' on YOU/
Before they prey on you...I pray to you/
What they gon' do...when WE come through?/
I be on my own plane/ deep within my own brain/
In here there is no shame/ enter and you'll learn pain/
UGH! And don't you ever forget! ......YOU AINT SEEN MY FINAL FORM YET!

I said...



from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Written and Performed by ILL-Vain




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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