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From the moment i seen't it
I knew that i could achieve it
I closed my eyes and stopped breathin
Opened my mouth, started screamin/
Soon enough i got bored of it/
No sign of metamorphosis,/
vapor leaks from my pores n shit,/
Or that aura shit/
Course I did/
i bet/ you prolly did too/
Super Saiyan 1 or was it double S 2?/
The imagery still sticks to me/ but really what does it mean/
What's this yearning/ for transforming into something pristine/
Somethin greater than I/
Yet something buried inside/
Somethin callin for me/ to just ascend to the sky/
But the voice is but an echo from the back of cave/
Barricaded by my worries, faults, fears and self hate/
My real state which I crave is prolly fadin away/
In my effort to appease all the peers in my day/
Maybe the path to goin TRILL aint a journey afar/
Its a journey of discoverin the trill that you are/

Let me tell you bout a secret technique/
A training process that is trully unique/
Channel all energy to the person you be/
Self-Love is the key pushin' you to your peak/
Transform----go SST!
Transform---GO SST!

I shouldve known they weren't friends of mine/
I let em chain me down and keep ya man confined/
I let the words of another change ya mans design/
As if ya man should be ashamed of being damn divine/
So that demon fox seal is off/
I wont yield or halt/
Til the deity in me has wrought/
But honestly I could only hold me at fault/
I had the key, gave it up and let em lock the vault/
So I unlearned the lessons and the reason, selfdetestin', the deceiving and aggression that them demons taught/
And I retrieved the blessings and lessons of my brethren all components of my essence i believed were lost/
My iller state is there/ in my ego like a lair/i could reach it if I dare/penetrate these walls/
And shed layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer like matroshyka dolls/ and transform/


Beast mode and now i flow like Leviathan
You in deep shit if its you a I feast my eyes upon
Off sight alone, foes babble on--quick, fold, fall, Babylon/
I'm not the one to tattle on/
Gon' leave them words alone/
Quit it...stop it/
I see what's in ya pocket/
Gon' head...Pop it/
But bullets can't tarnish the embodiment of knowledge/
I come back resurrected--7Dragonballs provided/
I don't let the universe limit my options to Red or Blue Pill
in the hands of Bill Cosby/
I'm alright with the hard life--why bother?/
Ya'll can take a long hike in all whites like Oscars/
Students never seen a teacher like me come through/
lining up to see that line up like Bonnaroo/
My class has mo' laughs than black BBQs/
That's education with ILL's sick point of view/



from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Written and performed by ILL-Vain




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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