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Depression sucks. Take your pill and fight with will.

Song Art: Shawn Quixote


It all started with my first dose of pain/
Fell off my bike, filled my shirt up with stains/
Mouth full of blood, parents showed me love/
Told me I was strong for the way I maintained/
Told me life gets worse its a very grave game/
But what don't kill you makes great change/
A decade and a half came and it passed/
Now I'm standin' in the grass at my father's grave like/
"Damn this is only the beginnin?/
I'd rather end it now instead of copin with these feelins/
Get attached; tell everybody bye/
If you make it even longer you watch everybody die."/
Can I do it? I think I can! Full throttle! Super Saiyan/
So when I'm near death but don't die, I come back stronger than ever--that's Zenkai!"

でてこいとびきり ZENKA POWER!
When they all die, when the money gone
When I fail it all/ When I stand alone/

I come back from dark places with the most light when I shine I turn faces/
During plight still fight power level raises/ Zenkai! We survive through the worst cases/
So when an MC rips off my sickest flow/
I regenerate like the arm of piccolo/ Zenkai, if you don't know what it is/ it's what kept me on the edge without jumpin' off the bridge/
Think of what it'd do for your kids!/
A little optimism could increase a will to live/
I spit that Gohan-pops-died-and-so-on-birds-in-his-eye-and-then-he-cries-and-goes-blonde/
So mad cause I'm rare and they can't be me/
Solar Flare to the haters cause they can't see me/
Confidence is my ultimate attack/
Not even king kai can prepare you for that!/


When a Saiyan is half dead/
And ain't got enough to live/
Zenkai Power's the process/
That makes him get up again/
In the real world we ain't got that/
That's why I picked up the pen/
Cause happiness is the object/
So get the fuck up and live!/

If suicide's at an all time high...then I gotta raise my power level higher/
We all know its a cold world!...that's why I gotta spit that fire/
So when you're knocked out the sky...tell em that you're flying down!/
And don't you ever forget!...to leave a crater when you hit the ground!/


from You Ain't Seen My Final Form Yet, released May 17, 2017
Produced by Cory Johnson
Written and performed by ILL-Vain
Samples: "でてこいとびきりZENKAIパワー" by Toshihisa Ashikawa & Takeshi Ike
Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z) voiced by Christopher Sabat.




ILL-Vain Yokosuka, Japan

Just Villainy. All Day. Everyday.

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